Closed Die Forging

We have a variety of Hammers ranging from one ton to sixteen tons. The 16 ton hammer is among the few heavy duty hammers in the country, enabling us to produce closed die components up to 750 kgs. This positions us as a key component manufacturer for metro, railways, oil and gas and power.

Our Closed Die Products are supplied in forged,  shot blasted, premachined or fully finished condition. Being close to Mumbai Nava Sheva port, we can easily ship worldwide and offer shorter deliveries to our global customers.

Using the 2500 and a 4000 ton press, we successfully manufacture a variety of components for the global automotive, truck and tractor industry.

With Closed Die Hammers and a 1600 Ton Hydraulic press, we offer a huge range of products from 35kgs to 10 tons. This combination of equipment gives us a competitive edge.

Our downstream facilities include state of the art gas-fired heat treatment setup qualified as per CQI9 and AMS 2750E and AMS 6875. This facility enables a variety of heat treatments like Normalizing, Annealing, Iso-thermal Annealing, Quenching, and Tempering. With quenching mediums like oil, water and polymer, we are able to meet varied customer requirements.

With a well defined QMS integrating requirements of ISO, TS and API, our product quality is of the highest standard.

We also carry out macro structure and grain flow analysis as and when required.

Closed Die Forging Gallery