Open Die Forging

Our raw material requirements are diverse and critical, ranging from carbon, alloy, stainless, tool and duplex steels. We source from the best mills in India and abroad, and ensure proper traceability during manufacturing.

On the 2 Ton hammer we produce small forgings up to 300 kgs, while on the 5 Ton hammer we produce jobs ranging from 300 kg to 1 ton. These hammers are also used for making pre forgings for our ring rolling mill and closed die hammers. This combination enables us to convert open die forgings to customized near shape close die forgings.

On the ZDAS we produce a variety of forgings like shafts, large gears, hollow forgings, blocks, valve bodies, and other customized forgings.

Our downstream facilities include state of the art gas-fired heat treatment setup qualified as per CQI9 and AMS 2750E and AMS 6875. This facility enables a variety of heat treatments like Normalizing, Annealing, Iso-thermal Annealing, Quenching, and Tempering. With quenching mediums like oil, water and polymer, we are able to meet varied customer requirements.

With a well defined QMS integrating requirements of ISO, TS and API, our product quality is of the highest standard.

We also carry out macro structure and grain flow analysis as and when required.

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